Update on New Book – Tangier


Just a heads up on the next book coming out – Tangier. This is a little different as it is a historical fiction novel rather than my normal fantasy fare. It is set during one of the key periods that helped shape the modern British Army. The story begins during the Restoration and charts the story of a young, headstrong officer sent with Charles II’s army of ex-royalist and parliamentarian troops to hold onto the port of Tangier in the late 1600’s.

Why historical fiction? Well, firstly cos it’s a damned interesting period of history that is not well known about, and more importantly, I have written it in partnership with SSAFA, a national armed forces charity, that helps service people and their families. The royalties will go to them.

Hopefully I’ll be able to show you the cover soon.




Twelve Tales

William Darbishire

I’ve always loved short stories. and I want to get good at writing them.

For some time, I’ve been trying to form a lasting creative writing habit outside of work, so I’ve set myself a challenge.

Starting this July, I will write a short story every month for the next year, and put all twelve on a blog. This blog, to be specific.

This is regular, achievable, and should fit in around work and soon-to-be-upped daddy duties without burning me out.

Rather than just writing whatever I feel like, I asked Katharine – my lovely wife – to come up with twelve one-sentence story prompts, and to put them in order for me.

Katharine’s an eclectic reader. Our tastes in fiction diverge as often as they align, and her prompts will help me get outside my comfort zone. It’ll also give me much-needed motivation: I’ll always have an idea, at least one person waiting to see how it turns…

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The Coming of Night – it’s here!

Greetings, greetings!

Well, a little later than planned, but I can announce that The Coming of Night is now available to buy or download on Kindle. This story has taken a while to see the light of day (pardon the pun) – its first draft was completed some five years ago – it then had a gestation period where I put it to one side and moved on to other things. I finally came back to it again last year and played about with some things, then got a couple of people to read it (and like it!) and so I decided to prep it.

The story itself is not military-style fantasy but a darker tale that deals with a medieval-era world struggling with an apocalyptic event and having to take hard decision to survive. As such there are elements of the horror genre mixed in with the more classical fantasy tropes.

There is a sequel to the story – which, having committed to it on the final page of the book, I plan to release in the first half of next year. The story is quite different from Redoubt and has a young teenage girl as its central protagonist rather than a crusty soldier with attitude. It meant I had to approach the character from a different point of reference and so am very grateful to my wife, Siobhan, and others for helping me get the perspective correct. That said – there just happens to be a bunch of individuals who play a major role in the story, who fans of Redoubt will relate to!

I hope you enjoy it and I am always happy to receive feedback and your thoughts – if you want to write a review here or on Amazon, then I thank you in advance.

Finally – thanks to Laura http://pinkapplejam.com for the map – more of her work to come in Metropolis, the sequel to Redoubt.

That’s it!

More to come on my other books soon!

The Coming Of Night – cover proof

I have not posted for a while. I have been off the grid writing Metropolis – the sequel to Redoubt, for the last few months – that has pretty much sucked up my writing/spare time amidst everything else. However, that’s not quite all. I still have a book or two coming out this year. First up, I am pleased to preview the cover proof for my new book – The Coming of Night. A dark fantasy set in a world were demons rule the wilds and magic is forbidden on pain of death. The proof is below. The book itself should be out start of July. I’ll be sure to let you know! Also to keep up to date as I’ll mostly be using my website blog – follow me on Twitter Alexjanaway or FB: https://www.facebook.com/AlexanderSJanawayImage


Hello World!

All, I have a new website – Alexjanaway.com – an incredibly inventive and clever url I am sure you’ll agree. I am still learning the in and outs and have only the one book attached to it yet, however I invite you to visit it as I have released a 2nd edition of Redoubt in Paperback and Kindle formats. It has a map that never made it into the hardback and also a couple of thousand extra words. Go on buy it! Or at the very least add encouraging comments. Hell just troll me if you want. Hulmes – I’m looking at you…

New website

Hello all,

Just a quick note to say that I have a new website under construction, it’ll have all sorts of wonderful things like pages and stuff – all very modern. This blog and its followers will be ported over – apparently. It’s all voodoo nonsense to this cat! 

Anyways, it’ll happen end of Jan – looking forward to it!