Greetings Travellers

And welcome to my first ever foray into the dark world of blogging. Or perhaps it’s a light and happy place? I wouldn’t know.

And I digress.

Anyway, I am taking a few months off to get some writing done.  As I embark upon my extended hiatus I’ll be updating this blog on stuff relating to my writing – unless you really want to know what level my character in SWTOR is?

I have a fair bit to do: got to get Redoubt onto ebooks, start the 2nd draft of The Coming of Night and the 2nd draft of Tangier and then get feedback and proofreading done for both. Then, after that, rinse and repeat until thoroughly sick of the both of them 🙂

After that I’d love to get something new written. I went on a wonderful course in July run by Maggie Haman, Shaun Levin, and Natalie Butlin. During it I had a chance to play around with the story I want to write, and realised that although I’ve done a fair bit of prep, I really am not sure about what the characters yet.  So, I might end up writing something else – oh the joy confusion!

Finally, I heartfelt thank you to all who read this and any futures posts. I hope I can repay it with something good for you to read 🙂


PS. Well done for spotting the Garth Marenghi quote. My hero, my idol!


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