The joy of ebooks

I never thought I’d say this, being an old reactionary that I am, but I have embraced the digital age. Last night I uploaded Redoubt onto Smashwords, an epublishing service. Essentially, they modify and distribute your manuscript to all the usual eBook retailers, Kindle, Sony , Barnes & Noble etc and then take a % of all turnover.

All I had to do was get Redoubt into the right format – which took a while…..

I had lost the final print version of the manuscript so I had to go back and retrofit an earlier version by ploughing through the hardback novel. And it took far longer than I thought. Not helped by my Lucas-like desire to fiddle and change things. I must admit, reading it again after a number of years meant that I cringed at some of my choices and the language. Sometime the words are too modern, sometimes the flow is just clunky. Ah well, young and foolish and all that.

Of course, ebooks are here to stay and if someone’s novel gets to reach someone it otherwise wouldn’t have done, then it’s a good thing. But I still like to hold a big , heavy ream of paper in my hand when I read, there is nothing like it. And don’t get me started on Blue Ray!

Some people have asked me whether I will write a sequel. I would like to bring the characters back – I think they do stand the test. I guess it depends. Once I have The Coming Of Night and Tangier finished I might start thinking about what I could do. Okay, that’s a porky, I’m already thinking about it anyway 🙂 But there is a ton of other stuff to do first.

Anyway, I’m just waiting for Smashwords to review Redoubt and then they’ll distribute it out, though you can buy it direct from them now. I’ll let you all know when they do.

Enjoy. Well, I say enjoy…..


2 responses to “The joy of ebooks

  1. I would like to know why you feel you have to put so many words in your sentences? It is like an endurance test. I also have trouble locating the voice of your story. Give me some personal perspective and some characters that I can care about. Apart from that it was an enviable effort.

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