Sorry, just expressing some frustration.

Having got Redoubt onto Smashwords, I’m still awaiting their review prior to distribution. Not their fault, they are no doubt inundated with poeple submitting stuff. What is shocking is the amount of erotica you can gey on there. If that was your thing….Got to say thought, some of the titles are amazing!

Anywho, I am itching to get started on the next one now. Still got a month to go before I finish work, and I could start doing stuff now. OK, I can start doing stuff now. As soon as I have finished writing this blog. And made dinner. And had that delicious crumble thet the missus made last night. With custard. And then, dear friends! Oh yes, watch out.

I have actually started already, I am writing a scene that was originally related by the main character but I decided that this was a case “of show, don’t tell” as it has more dramatic impact and heightens the tension. Even as I’m writing it I’m going, hmm, is this right? Surely I can use better words and description and stuff. I think that I’m rushing it a tad – no matter, I can always go back and sort it. This is when it is good to get someone else’s opinion. I definitely think you can over-engineer description, it depends on context, sometime less is more.

You must write two sides and have 40 minutes, discuss!


3 responses to “Almost….almost…arrgh!

  1. I think at the beginning a good introduction to the setting works, however George R. R. Martin tends to use a lot of descriptive prose, when what you really want is him to get on with the story, however that being said that may be something other people like.

  2. It’s always worth writing. I find that notes and plotting not get me so far and at some point I have to put down the meat and bones of a scene. There a loads of things I’ve written which have never made it any further, but we’re still worthwhile as they inspired something else which was far better. It can also help to shape the world, characters and story in your head.

  3. I agree completely with your comments. I had a chat to my good friend Adrian Leonard at the weekend – he’s a journalist, writer, raconteur and Cambridge luminary (I’m blowing a small but well-earned amount of smoke up his arse) – and he says he goes the other way with too much description. Like all the important things in life, it’s all about the sweet spot.

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