Inspiration comes when doing the ironing.


Over the Summer I did some pre-work for a new fantasy novel. I planned out a lot of rules, characters, settings and stuff and I also wrote the opening chapter – which worked really well. But something just didn’t feel right. I felt it was a mix of not knowing where the characters were going, how the initial set-up would play out and whether the conflicts and ‘bad guys’ worked. Umm, yeah, quite a few issues….

However, whilst mulling it over this weekend, I figured out a different direction that takes me into an area that is ‘more familiar’ and I guess more comfortable but also allows me to incorporate the central concepts.  In a way, I am not necessarily going as far out there with new creations as I was before, but I do feel that I can actually move on. I can see new situations developing and how to create dramatic tension and challenging scenarios for the characters.

And the title came to me as well! So that’s the hardest job done. It’s all gravy from here on in…..



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