Lazy Man! Lazy Man!

Greetings All.

I know this is supposed to be the place where I witter on about my writing but…I didn’t do any last week! I’m not sure what I did last week actually, it’s all a bit hazy. I played a fair amount of Shogun Total War, read a lot of Game of Thrones, oh, and drank A LOT on bonfire night last weekend. Not very productive…..and I lost my game of Warhammer. Bah! I proffer in my defence that I am not due to start writing December….that’s not going to work is it? I can see your collective looks of deep disappointment.

One thing I was wrestling with was the thorny problem of where to write. I could just do it on my computer at home but the problem is that the internet is so bloomin’ distractin’. I mean, literally, just before I wrote this sentence I went off to look at an AOL article entitled Guide to buying a new TV. I don’t even need a new TV! And now I’ve just been sent a link to a Daily Mash article which I must read because it’ll no doubt be a giggle. Oh and then there is that test match in New Delhi that I have a tenner on, that I must check the ball by ball Cricinfo coverage for.

This is what I’m up against! Ultimately I just need to grow a pair and get more disciplined. But it did cross my mind that I could hire an office! That would be very swanky and unnecessary. And more importantly, I. Don’t. Own. A. Laptop. They seem to break on me with alarmingly regularity. So it all seems like a great big money dump.

So, for now, I’ll just stick with my happy corner in the cellar and try and keep Fluffy the cat from sitting on my lap and trying to sit on my keyboard. It’s incredible how they do that. Might I recommend the Simon’s Cat cartoons? Another great time-sink. Ok, ok. I am now feeling really guilty. Stop with the long distance pressure! I’m doing something right now…..I mean it. Go away!


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