Watch Red State. No, really. Watch Red State.

Happy New Year friends!

The above title was just a bit of free advertising for Kevin Smith’s new movie, out now on DVD. It is a fantastic piece of work that shows he has…matured? (no, definitely wrong word)…far more strings to his directing bow than even he probably thought he had.

Anyway – watch it. You can secure this quality product from many fine retailing establishments, including Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in Red Bank, New Jersey (cheers Wifey!).

So how are we all? My apologies for not being on the grid much but hey, it was Christmas. And boy did I abuse my body. I do not think I have ever drunk so much or indeed eaten as much. My stomach was in pain. It was distended. I couldn’t even finish my xmas lunch. It was that serious. And now I only have five weeks before our holiday to Thailand. Will I ever get my washboard stomach and be able to emerge from those warm seas Danial Craig style? Course not, I’m a hairy bugger with a bit of a tummy.

Also had some wonderful company – Annabelle, Howard and Adrian – thank you for being awesome and making it a fantastic festive event! xxx

And where am I with the writing? Well, I did (almost) finish the redrafting of The Coming of Night before Xmas. I just need to wang through it one more time to see if I have left anything undone. Then I’ll look to send it out…somewhere.

I have now started The Enemy Of All That’s Good. My plan was to do the second draft of Tangier but cosnidering the time it too on ‘Night, I really want to get started on this first. Today I have just finished the opening sequence – it’s a fair bit longer wordwise than I thought it might have been but it’s got some nice character set-ups in it and I am much happier with where they are all headed. So 15000 words in and it’s all good. Also found that I work better in the afternoon/evenings. So now the mornings are gym and chores time. It also means Shuv can watch America’s Next Top Model unhindered of an evening.

I was wondering if anyone would like to read the opening stuff? It would be great to get some feedback, even at this early stage. I’d like to get your impressions of the characters and the general tone of the piece. Let me know if you are interested.

Much love



PS. I really haven’t been playing that much Old Republic. Honest.

PPS. The Desperados will be riding soon. You know who you are.


2 responses to “Watch Red State. No, really. Watch Red State.

  1. Happy new year, it sounds like you had a good Christmas, the wife has decided that we both need to go on a new year diet although mine seems to consist of lots of bowls of muesli and hers lots of panettone. Naturally I’d be interested to read the opening of the new novel, living in Littleport I get plenty of time on the train to read on the way into Cambridge.

    As for Red State I thought it was okay but the characters sometimes irritated me, to much stupidity.

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