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Incredibly proud and honoured to know @mikeBithell creator of He is getting well deserved rave reviews.


Bad Blogger. Bad!

Hey Strangers!

So it’s been a while since I’ve written one of these, about six months or so. A bit crap innit? The strange thing is, the idea of sitting down and spending time on this when I could be writing makes me feel guilty. Absolutely stupid – I’m doing a 1001 other things when I could be writing. Just yesterday I decided to fix a kitchen tap which then sucked up two hours of my time. I had grand plans to spend those couple of hours on my manuscript.

I finished the first draft in April and since then have been editing/rewriting etc. It is a slog – at times it’s like I wading through treacle. I’ve written the blooming thing, now I want to move on! I know that a first draft is nowhere near the finished product but I am by nature not a very good completer/finisher. I’m sticking with it however and have nearly finished the second draft. I’m now happy for people to start reading it. Siobhan is now working through it and correcting all the typos and bad grammar that my thousand yard reading stare can no longer spot. She’s also giving me some good feedback on the characters and story. She’s only read the first quarter but is making some very positive noises – she has to – she’s my wife! I jest, she is well steeped in the genre, is an anvil reader and would certainly tell me where I’m going wrong. A classic feature of my writing is how all semblance of english goes to pot when I’m writing action scenes – I get too excited.  I’m also not great at description – I don’t want to hang around describing the number of stitches a leather jerkin has. Again, I’m being ‘advised’ to slow down and take my time.

It’s funny how life has worked out – I never intended to still be a freelancer for so long – my sabbatical was only for six months – but due to a combination of factors, I’ve been able to extend this. I’ve been lucky with the work I’ve had and this has meant I have spent longer on the novel – which is a good thing – I was far too optimistic with my timings. I have reached that point now that I really should start looking for something full time, being bohemian is expensive!

On other matters – getting into steampunk in a big way – love the mix of horror/tech/victoriana*/old west/comedy. I know some feel that there is little beneath the surface but I rather think there is a broad canvas to work from which still has a very distinct feel and style. Just started watching The Society of Steam – great fun – especially the zombie filled series finale.

Anyways – I’m starting to feel that guilt again….

Much love – and sign the petition to get a third series of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil made.

*And older – for example Defoe – the 2000 AD strip  set in 17 century England. Awesome stuff.