Down, down


A strange day on wednesday. I started it feeling positive and looking forward to getting stuff done. I popped into “Game On” to pick up my copy of the new Warhammer 40k rules (all very grim and dark and stuff). Then I went for a coffee and leafed through its pages. Afterwards I went home and sat there, utterly at a loss what to do next. My novel is written – at least the first draft was done- and I’m waiting for feedback, I don’t want to tinkering or change anything until I get some independent views on the characters and the story – you know, usual stuff, “is it shite or not?” etc. I couldn’t start the next book until I knew what direction I should take – again I need someone to talk to about it that knows the first one, though I have written the prologue chapter for it.

I have just recently been invited to start writing some articles and reviews for Fantasy Book Review, which I am really excited and chuffed about. I have also been in contact with Soldier Magazine. They said they will look to get me reviewing games/movies/media for them (and unpaid gig but the magazine does have a  100k plus circulation). So that’s awesome stuff, but nothing to do yet.

I had no freelance work on so nothing to do there either.

So what do to? I started feeling really low. TA has been taking up much of my time and has been providing me with some income to keep the bailiffs at bay but it’s not a full time job. Besides, today was supposed to be a writing day. I felt in a complete funk, like I had no means of doing anything worthwhile. I know, feeling miserable is all rather selfish but it was just really frustrating. I just couldn’t get my grey cells firing.

I took myself to the gym, got sweaty, came home.

Finally I decided to do something. I started fleshing out a sequel (of sorts) to Redoubt. I’ve been thinking about a different kind of story (fantasy) – based within a city – with a team of characters who have to extract something then get out again, but find they have to literally fight there way through an entire city.  Taking my cues a little from the Black Company books on that one.

I got some ideas down and felt a bit happier with life. I’m sure something will move forward soon but it was quite rubbish feeling so down. Perhaps I need to drink more?

Bye for now. Love you.



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