Journey to the West

Back to Wales. Again. Last time I was in a sea of mud. I could really do without that insidious brown fluid of doom. At least this time I’m getting paid for my trouble.  I’m going on my TA unit’s annual deployment exercise. It’s a chance to get out in the field, run about like soldiers, shoot things and stay up late. I should be under canvas, maybe even a roof, so even if it does rain, I’ll be able to ignore it!

So , what’s new. Finallly making changes to the manuscript that have been suggested by my lovely readers. Whilst I’m away I should have some spare time and a lack of distractions to look at the story and start fleshing out some elements I think are missing. I think that I can do some more world-building, making sure the environment feels right and the readers understand where they and the characters are in relation to everyone else. I also need to develop a specific character because what happens to them is a significant catalyst for one of my main protagonists.It was also pointed out that with one of my main ‘keynote’ features about my world I have played it down, or at least not pushed it forward. That was intentional, but perhaps I’ve gone to far. Am I sounding cryptic enough? Sorry. Not my intention, just keeping the story a jealously guarded secret! I was planning on posting some excerpts wasn’t ?. Okay. I’ll do that in another post.

I watched Outpost:Black Sun the other day and I quite enjoyed it. Possessed of a slightly larger budget it takes place almost directly at the end of the original. It’s a brit production and it keeps the same feel of the first. It develops the story and generally holds it all together. It’s a shame they couldn’t have developed some of the characters a bit rather than relying on an assumption of what a brit special forces squad might sound like, nice twist at the end too….

Currently reading The Long Earth. It’s a great concept and is a very easy read. The mash up of Baxter and Pratchett works well, you’ve got the science/adventure of Baxter with the lightness of dialogue and characterisation that Sir Terry does so brilliantly. Recommended.

So, I tweated and FB’d about this the other day, but what were the chances? On a trip down to Bossa Studios I open up SFX magazine to find Siobhan’s letter has been printed. Then the next day, I’m sat there and I get introduced to Dave Bradley, the editor of SFX. I thanked him for printing her letter and mentioned she’d pointed out some inaccuracies, then I regretted my implied dissing, but he took it well! If Shuv gets another one printed, I reckon she should get a job there – her moniker can be ‘Outraged of Saffron Walden’.

I published my first article for Fantasy Book Review Blog last week – a potted history of Fantasy cinema and asking why it’s been so hard to get a genuinely good fantasy film made – at least until LOTR. I’m really pleased to be part of the team and I love the site. I’ve just done the first draft of my next one – unsurprisingly a follow-up looking at Fantasy on tv. Digest them both, dear readers.

Right. England are having a batting collapse and I can’t deal with the stress. I’d better get myself to the gym.

Toodle pip.