New article at Fantasy Book Review

Hello all, I have penned a short missive on my trials and tribulations of reading George RR Martin’s mega epic. Enjoy, and for extra fun, try and spot my clearly deliberate typo…cough…

Special feature: Living with George: One reader’s experience of the A Song of Ice and Fire series @AlexJanaway


Interview with Emma Vieceli

Hello all,

I wanted to draw your attention to an interview I have conducted for Fantasy Book Review with comics writer and artist Emma Vieceli. She is a fantastically talented individual who is great to chat to  and I cannot commend to you her enough. Check it out.


Colin does Merlin – my way!

Colin does Merlin – my way!

I wrote that line! Does that mean I’m officially awesome? There is a right and wrong answer to this…
We wanted to share this teaser clip with you. Here’s Colin Morgan recording some voices for the game – released later this year! Tell EVERYONE -it’s too good not to share!
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It’s a trap! No…wait…it’s a map!

Long time, no blog. I’ve been busy (but not like, massively busy or anything, there’s still LOTRO to play and cricket to watch) with doing a second draft of new book. The title of it, and the series, is End of Empire. Whilst The Enemy of all that’s Good was I think an awesome title, it was a bit of a mouthful.  As for second drafting, you know, it’s a nightmare even thinking about cutting stuff, so I’ll wait for someone to tell me I have to. I have been fleshing out characters, explanations, justifications and the world in general. I am a lot happier with it, but I am too close to know anymore, we’ll see what others have to say. I have also broadly planned out the stories for the next two books, so I know where I and the characters are going, even if I’m not exactly sure which paths all the characters will take to get there.

Any road, to prove that it isn’t all a figment of my imagination, I thought I’d show you the map that the remarkably talented Fez Baker – – has produced. Say hello to the Tissan Empire, thoughts and questions gladly accepted.