Comic Review

Hello all,

I was asked to have a read and post my thoughts on a new comic that has started up – a new venture – and I duly agreed.

J.M.Thakar, the Owner of River Comics LLC, has created a series called Barcode:Catalyst.

Set during (I think, it was a bit unclear) 1945, in an alternative universe where the WWII has only just started, a volcanic eruption on one a chain of Pacific islands leads to the US military (who have helicopters) and in particular a very shouty general fellow, into mounting a rescue mission to retrieve a scientist and some strange blue stones that have landed from who knows where. Meanwhile a bunch of islanders die horribly in the ensuing volcanic conflagration.

This reminded me most of the Heavy Metal stories – same kind of narrative riff and artwork and I am waiting for the first scantily clad woman (apologies Mr Thakar if that’s not the case).  It’s an okay set-up although I would have liked a better sense of some of the characters. Let’s see what Part Two brings.

Anyways you can check it out for yourself at: