The Coming of Night – it’s here!

Greetings, greetings!

Well, a little later than planned, but I can announce that The Coming of Night is now available to buy or download on Kindle. This story has taken a while to see the light of day (pardon the pun) – its first draft was completed some five years ago – it then had a gestation period where I put it to one side and moved on to other things. I finally came back to it again last year and played about with some things, then got a couple of people to read it (and like it!) and so I decided to prep it.

The story itself is not military-style fantasy but a darker tale that deals with a medieval-era world struggling with an apocalyptic event and having to take hard decision to survive. As such there are elements of the horror genre mixed in with the more classical fantasy tropes.

There is a sequel to the story – which, having committed to it on the final page of the book, I plan to release in the first half of next year. The story is quite different from Redoubt and has a young teenage girl as its central protagonist rather than a crusty soldier with attitude. It meant I had to approach the character from a different point of reference and so am very grateful to my wife, Siobhan, and others for helping me get the perspective correct. That said – there just happens to be a bunch of individuals who play a major role in the story, who fans of Redoubt will relate to!

I hope you enjoy it and I am always happy to receive feedback and your thoughts – if you want to write a review here or on Amazon, then I thank you in advance.

Finally – thanks to Laura for the map – more of her work to come in Metropolis, the sequel to Redoubt.

That’s it!

More to come on my other books soon!


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