About me so far

Alex JanawayI’m Alex, I am 40, and starting to panic.

After graduating from university with a degree in English and American Literature and Film Studies, I went to work for a movie stills archive called Kobal -great people! But I realised I needed more, so decided to join the army and see the world.

After ten awesome years of military tourism in the Royal Engineers and ETS, I left in 2006, married the woman of my dreams and settled down in Saffron Walden. I also started work for Jagex – a phenomenally successful internet games company.

My first novel Redoubt, was published in 2008,  six years in the writing and conceived in a portacabin on Sennelager Training Area, I finished the first draft whilst in British Headquarters during Gulf War 2. I went freelance at the end of 2011 and have worked on a number of computer games including Merlin The Game for Bossa Studios.I provide articles and reviews for Fantasybookreview.co.uk and SFcrowsnest.org as well as book reviews for Soldier magazine. My next novel, the first book in the End of Empire trilogy is now complete to second draft stage and hopefully, someone will like it!

My passions are Star Wars, Games Workshop, cricket and wildlife. One day, my insistence that all grizzly bears really need is a good cuddle, will no doubt be my undoing.


6 responses to “About me so far

  1. I’m Imelda, I always lie about my age on the internet and I’m not especially hairy, but my grandfather was a sapper and I know where silly mid-off is. Perhaps we should be friends? 😉 Thanks for finding me on the Twitters!

    • Hi Imelda, I do believe we shall be friends! Good to meet you!speaking of cricket I’m off to my local at 10:30 to watch the test match – it pays to be friends with the landlord.


  2. You’re so fun to read! I’m sure you already have Beta-readers, and I have my own, but I think it would be fun to beta-read each other’s novels. What do you think? My novel (in its still-progressing state) has already been accepted by my publisher, but obviously we authors need to tweak and polish till our manuscripts shine with luster. Let me know if you’re game-



  3. This is to Alexander Janaway….Thoroughly enjoyed Reboubt. Would like to see you do a tie-in/sequel. I read an average of four novels weekly, mostly action/adventure/sci-fi//military. Reboubt is one of the best. I’m ex-officer also…way past 40 and you obviously have a knack for military fantasy and great skill as a writer. Keep ’em coming!

    • Thanks so much for the kind words, Jim. They really mean a lot! Funnily enough I have just finished outlining a sequel to Redoubt, a different kind of story but starring some of the characters. Kind regards Alex

  4. All that aside- check this out, Alex, and see if you’re interested in being a part of this Outreach project for the kids at Primary Children’s Medical in SLC, UT. It’s just a one-line contribution in a poem about the Joys of Reading, and its for a good cause. I’m happy to say that I’ve got Bruce Coville, Brandon Mull, and Lisa Mcmann in, and hope to have many more neat folk involved along the way. Hope you’ll join in! It’s http://dianajdavidson.weebly.com/blog.html

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