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Six years in the writing and conceived in a portacabin on Sennelager Training Area, Redoubt was finished whilst in British Headquarters during Gulf War 2.

“After a short and bloody war on foreign soil, the Expeditionary Army of Ashkent is preparing to return home. Captain Jon Forge and his company, however, are assigned one more task – to oversee a workforce of enslaved Bantusai tribesmen as they rebuild a remote and long-abandoned bridge.

With construction already underway, a band of fleeing trappers brings news of a fast-approaching barbarian horde and the Captain quickly realises that his de factor commander, the devious Duke Burns, has sent him and his men into a deadly trap.

Should the company stay or retreat? Despite the overwhelming odds stacked against them, Forge – ever the hard-headed professional solder – decides to stay. With the help of a motley crew that includes the enigmatic Bantusai, the wily trappers, and a lacklustre wizard-cum-bureaucrat named Portal, the Captain and his men hastily set about rebuilding the dilapidated fort next to the bridge and prepare to make a stand. Their doom, it seems, is inescapable: their redoubt – a patched up tower house – will surely be their tomb…”

Part hardboiled war novel, part epic fantasy, Redoubt is a gripping , darkly witty riff on the age-old story of men fighting against the odds. With its realistic battle scenes and gritty portrayal of soldiers at war, this is fantasy writing at its hard-hitting best.

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