How about this for my new profile pic? T

How about this for my new profile pic? Thank you Joe, for this birthday present-cum-work of twisted genius


Raving about some cool dudes @KillShakespeare



In case you did not know (and I did try really hard to make the whole world know and subsequently get annoyed with me) that I was at New York ComicCon last week. It was awesome. Truly awesome. While there I was able to meet a bunch of guys who created a comic series (now available in graphic novel form) called Kill Shakespeare. A fantastic concept that pitches Shakespeare’s heroic characters – Hamlet, Rome and Juliet, Othello and a brilliant Falstaff, into a rebellion against the evil Richard III, Iago and Lady Macbeth. And where is Shakespeare? Can our heroes find him in time? 

The artwork is excellent and the story is well written, uses Shakespearian English in an accessible way and the guys throw in lots of neat Shakespeare fanboy references. I implore you to check out their stuff. Kudos to Anthony, Conor and Tony B – it was a pleasure to meet you.

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Comic Review

Hello all,

I was asked to have a read and post my thoughts on a new comic that has started up – a new venture – and I duly agreed.

J.M.Thakar, the Owner of River Comics LLC, has created a series called Barcode:Catalyst.

Set during (I think, it was a bit unclear) 1945, in an alternative universe where the WWII has only just started, a volcanic eruption on one a chain of Pacific islands leads to the US military (who have helicopters) and in particular a very shouty general fellow, into mounting a rescue mission to retrieve a scientist and some strange blue stones that have landed from who knows where. Meanwhile a bunch of islanders die horribly in the ensuing volcanic conflagration.

This reminded me most of the Heavy Metal stories – same kind of narrative riff and artwork and I am waiting for the first scantily clad woman (apologies Mr Thakar if that’s not the case).  It’s an okay set-up although I would have liked a better sense of some of the characters. Let’s see what Part Two brings.

Anyways you can check it out for yourself at:


In case you missed my FB post – Come join me on a quest to forget I am 40 through the healing power of alcohol!

Right, so ’tis my 40th year and in the fine tradition of all ageing men starting their mid-life crisis, I plan to get hammered and shake a raging fist at Time and its inexorable march. If you would like to join me in this gloriously futile event, then come to The Duke of York pub, Saffron Walden, at around 19:00 saturday May 18th. There will be a BBQ and beer, naturally. We can also offer several free beds for the night too! Just let me know via this thread or send me a message. 
Never give up. Never surrender!