Back in the saddle

Greetings all,

Apologies it’s been a while since my last confession. I was away in Windermere coaching on a Leadership In Action course run by Vitae. In fact it was the same course that I worked on in March that caused me to embark upon the Dark Path. Going on these courses as a coach/facilitator truly is a spiritual experience. You get taken out of your daily life and get put into the most wonderful supportive and nuturing atmosphere, and that’s just for the tutors! It is always an absolute pleasure to take part in. I work with fantastic people, meet some truly inspring ones and leave it feeling renewed and optimistic. And inevitably I have hangover after the end of course party/air guitar session.

I was able to get some work done on the next novel, which has a new working title The Enemy of all that is Good. I think it sums up the new direction that I’m going with it. However, I have to be good now and stop flitting between projects. This week is the start of the GRAND PLAN, so it’s back to redrafting The Coming Of Night. Siobhan is home this week before she starts her new job which means we are fighting over the PC – fortunately I have my friend Kat’s notebook that I borrowed! I must get a new PC before my one blows up. I have had it three years, so in compuer terms it’s practically a pensioner.

I had an idea last week. I know a number of people that have written fantasy/SF novels and are looking for publishers. I thought about creating an online/print-on demand magazine where every month, writers could publish a chapter of their work (maybe even some graphic novel pages) and then invite people to send feedback and comments, thus helping shape the story. It might also help with getting some exposure/interest.

Then funnily enough, as I was trawling the internet last night, by chance I came upon a site doing exactly that! It looks like a US endeavour and it has been going for a few years. Nothing fancy, just some simple artwork and the text itself. I’m wondering whether a UK one might work…..


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